Downtown Oil City has many fine buildings with unique features and vast possibilities.  Street level and upper floor space is available for both rent and purchase.  These affordable buildings and spaces can be an exceptional investment for the savvy entrepreneur or property developer.

Allow us to help you find the perfect space for you.  Tell us your requirements and we will search our database and contact our property professionals to make your search quick, easy, and thorough.  Your inquiries are confidential.

Available space is listed here.

If you have available commercial or residential space for purchase or rent within the Oil City Main Street District, please complete our online Available Space Form; or click here for a printable form, complete & return it to:

Kathy Bailey
Main Street Manager
217 Elm Street
Oil City, PA 16301
(814) 677-3152, ext. 101

Property listing requests are subject to review by a committee and the Main Street Manager.  Properties must be located within the downtown Main Street district and be owned or represented by the person making the request.

Having your property listed in the Main Street database is a proactive way to connect with potential tenants or buyers as our office receives numerous inquiries throughout the year from individuals looking for the perfect place to start, expand, or invest in a business.


Downtown Oil City has many resources available to downtown businesses as well as those considering starting a new business venture.

The Main Street Manager can guide you as you explore your business opportunities and needs.  Additionally there are other local resources that may be of value to you including:

Arts Oil City
City of Oil City
Oil Region Alliance
Score-Venango Branch
Small Business Development Center at Clarion University
Venango Area Chamber of Commerce


Various tools and incentives are available to help you create your opportunity in downtown Oil City!  For further details, contact our office at (814) 677-3152 x 101 or 

Façade Improvement Grant Program

  • 50/50, reimbursable matching grants for exterior storefront improvements on eligible buildings located within the designated Oil City Main Street District.
  • Eligible projects include: awnings, signs, cleaning, painting, restoration, lighting, and professional design assistance.
  • Maximum grant: $5,000, subject to individual project limits.
  • Full details available in the Façade Grant Information Page; contact Kathy Bailey, Main Street Manager at (814) 677-3152 x 101 or

ARTS Oil City – Artist Revitalization/Relocation Program

  • All Residential-2 Zone properties in Oil City are now zoned by ordinance for live-work-gallery space, as long as 50% of items sold are created by the artist on the premises. In-home businesses must be approved by the Oil City Zoning Board.
  • Studio space for working artists is available in the National Transit Building for $0.61/square foot/month including utilities. 
  • Non-profit downtown art galleries also offer a low monthly rate; a hanging fee may apply. 
  • Learn more through ARTS Oil City; contact Stew Armstrong at (814) 677-3152 x 104 for further information.

Oil City LERTA (Local Economic Revitalization Tax Assistance)

  • Tax exemption for pre-approved alteration or new construction on eligible deteriorated or underutilized industrial, commercial or other business property.
  • Tax forgiveness on the assessed value of improvements for up to 10 years (100% year 1, sliding to 0% in year 10).
  • Must be filed with the City of Oil City at the time a building or alteration permit is secured.
  • Contact the Oil City Code Enforcement Office at (814) 678-3003 for more information.

Federal & State Rehabilitation Investment Tax Credits

  • 20% Tax Credit for rehabilitation of income-producing historic buildings (10% may be available for non-historic buildings)
  • Must be “substantial rehabilitation” (amount of rehab is greater than adjusted basis of the building or $5,000; completed within 24-month period)
  • Must remain under same owner & income-producing for 5 years
  • Contact the Pennsylvania Historical & Museum Commission (PHMC):  Scott Doyle, (717) 783-6012 or or Karen Arnold, (717)783-9927 or visit

Oil City Qualified Federal Opportunity Zones

For those looking for a summary of opportunities and incentives in downtown Oil City’s Main Street District you can view and print our
Business Resource Guide below:

The Oil City Main Street program is community-driven!  Our efforts rely heavily on the financial contributions, time, and efforts of individuals who live in, work in, and care about downtown Oil City. 

We are always looking for Volunteers who are willing to roll up their sleeves!  You can help with a small project or an event... or serve on one of our committees to help with planning and strategy. 

For a pdf of our program brochure, click here!


The Oil City Main Street program is supported by the financial contributions of community-minded businesses, organizations and individuals who want to see downtown Oil City thrive.  These funds help to carry out various projects and initiatives, and ensure that the Oil City Main Street Program's revitalization efforts will be sustained long after an initial grant of start-up funding from the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Develpment.

If you'd like to donate, your contributions will be used specifically for Main Street efforts and stay in the downtown.  You can pledge any amount, and your contributions can be made annually or as often as you want.

Kathy Bailey, Main Street Manager
Oil Region Alliance
217 Elm Street
Oil City, PA 16301

Make checks payable to our fiscal agent:  “Oil Region Alliance”
Memo/Subject:  “Oil City Main Street Program”


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