Downtown Oil City has great locally owned restaurants offering local favorites and great service.  Whether you need to grab a quick bite on the go, a casual lunch or a quiet dinner, our selection of restaurants will satisfy your appetite!

You can dine al fresco in the warmer months, and many restaurants and bars host entertainment year round.

Diners experience traditional and ethnic cuisine as well as seasonal fare served with the kind of flare only downtown Oil City can do!

Dining Downtown
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Yellow Dog Lantern
218 Elm Street
P.O. Box 230
Oil City,PA 16301-0230
(814) 676-1000

Chens Garden Chinese Restaurant
11 First St
Oil City,PA 16301
(814) 677-0818

Four Star Pizza
334 Seneca Street
Oil City,PA 16301
(814) 676-5600

Famoore's Family Restaurant
18 East First Street
Oil City,PA 16301
(814) 676-4789

The Taco Shack
222 Center Street
Oil City,PA 16301
(814) 271-7230

Becki's Bakery
226 Seneca Street
Oil City,PA 16301
(814) 493-8722

Rocko's Pizzeria
122 East First Street
Oil City,PA 16301
(814) 676-0806

Karma Coffee Co.
237 Seneca Street
Oil City,PA 16301
(814) 493-8628

McDonald's of Oil City
5 Elm St.
Oil City,PA 16301
(814) 676-5511

Spilling the Beans
2 West Front Street
Oil City,PA 16301
(814) 677-1177

Pizza Hut
394 N. Seneca Street
Oil City,PA 16301
(814) 676-0617


245 Seneca Street
Oil City,PA 16301
(814) 676-4470

107 State St
Oil City,PA 16301
(814) 676-0131

275 Seneca Street
Oil City,PA 16301
(814) 678-2582

Double Play Sports Bar
45 Seneca St
Oil City,PA 16301
(814) 678-4994

Last Call Tavern
297 Duncomb Street
Oil City,PA 16301
(814) 677-4907



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