Downtown Oil City offers a variety of ways to relax and unwind.  Throughout the year a number of venues host musicians, performers, and unique showcases.  These venues range from bars and cafes to community rooms and outside stages.

The Oil City Arts & Culture Commission is downtown’s coordinator of our famed Arts in the Park Concert series, Arts in the Transit Concert series, and the Pipeline Alley Concert series.  Most performances are in the evenings and feature both local and world-wide musicians.  This diverse experience has delighted audiences for years.

Enjoy an evening Opening Reception at Graffiti Gallery, or check out one of the many talented Indie bands at your favorite night spot.  Mark your calendars for the nighttime live entertainment at our major festivals:  First Night Oil City, The Oil Region Bluegrass Festival, Oil Region Indie Music Festival, Jolly July 3rd, Oil Heritage Festival, the new "Oil City Uncorked" Wine Walk and Oil City's Christmas Past.

No matter what you’re in the mood for you can find it downtown!

Nightlife Downtown
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Oil City Arts Council
21 Seneca Street
Oil City,PA 16301
(814) 678-3017 or (814) 676-1509

Double Play Sports Bar
45 Seneca St
Oil City,PA 16301
(814) 678-4994

107 State St
Oil City,PA 16301
(814) 676-0131

Graffiti Gallery
210 Seneca Street
Oil City,PA 16301
(814) 676-5303

275 Seneca Street
Oil City,PA 16301
(814) 678-2582

245 Seneca Street
Oil City,PA 16301
(814) 676-4470



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