Downtown Oil City offers many unique living spaces for the right investor, and some have already found a way to build their dream home downtown. Oil City resident Daryl Hicks and his wife did just that by renovating a downtown building, which created a dynamic live/work space for the couple.

Daryl was able to create a sprawling loft living quarter on the same floor as his salon. The first floor of the building offers rental space, which has proven to be profitable for the couple.

The Hicks’ were able to finance their project through the new state-funded Route 8 and 62 Corridor rehab loans.

Upon completion of the major renovations, the Hicks’ were awarded a Preservation Award by the Oil Region Alliance for their commitment to preserving an underutilized downtown building in a historic district.

Find out what incentives might be available to you for your downtown live/work project here.


Downtown Oil City has many fine buildings with unique features and vast possibilities.  Street level and upper floor space is available for both rent and purchase.  These affordable buildings and spaces can be an exceptional investment for the savvy entrepreneur or property developer.

Allow us to help you find the perfect space for you.  Tell us your requirements and we will search our database and contact our property professionals to make your search quick, easy, and thorough.  Your inquiries are confidential.

Available space is listed here.

If you have available commercial or residential space for purchase or rent within the Oil City Main Street District, please complete our online Available Space Form; or click here for a printable form, complete & return it to:

Kathy Bailey
Main Street Manager
217 Elm Street
Oil City, PA 16301
(814) 677-3152, ext. 101

Property listing requests are subject to review by a committee and the Main Street Manager.  Properties must be located within the downtown Main Street district and be owned or represented by the person making the request.

Having your property listed in the Main Street database is a proactive way to connect with potential tenants or buyers as our office receives numerous inquiries throughout the year from individuals looking for the perfect place to start, expand, or invest in a business.


The City of Oil City is working on creating zoning and building regulations that encourage economic development in downtown Oil City, while guarding against the disruption of scale.  These regulations support residential uses and provide greater opportunities for potential investors and property developers.

As a downtown resident you will have all the city services needed including water, sewage, garbage and recycling pick-up, as well as street sweeping and snow removal.  All commercial and residential tenants are required to recycle per Pennsylvania law.

Any questions on your utility services may be directed to the City Utility Office at (814) 678-3002.

Before you start your commercial renovations you must obtain a building permit from the City of Oil City.  Before obtaining a building permit you will need the following:

  1. Three (3) complete sets of construction documents and specifications must be submitted to the Building Code Official, each set bearing the seal of a registered design professional.
  2. Most major projects require a review process by other City Departments as well.  After the review process is final, the building permit will be issued and inspections arranged.

Inspections must be requested 24 hours in advance.

Zoning is required for the following projects:

  • New construction activity
  • New signage
  • In home business
  • General land use questions

All zoning inquiries should be directed to the Zoning Office at (814) 678-3016.


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